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Ranking of Generation Source Locations by a Hybrid Multi-Criteria Method


The paper presents a ranking of the locations of eight renewable energy sources (RES) made using a hybrid multi-criteria analysis method. The method is a combination of the analytical hierarchical process (AHP) method and numerical taxonomy. The considered generating sources, i.e. solar plants, biogas plants, and wind farms are sources that will significantly contribute to implementing the provisions of the energy and climate package for Poland (by 2030). Increasing the share of energy from renewable sources will increase the country's energy security. Low-emission generation sources obtain energy from renewable sources. Therefore, their location is influenced by factors such as environmental impact, availability and origin of raw materials, e.g. biogas, as well as technological aspects. The multitude of factors mentioned makes the location of a biogas plant a multi-threaded issue. The AHP method is a mathematical method with a high degree of sophistication and time consumption. The method's advantage is its ability to compare countable and uncountable factors with each other, which was used in conjunction with the numerical taxonomy method. The analysis' effect is ranking of the locations in question.


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Acta Energetica strony 22 - 32,
ISSN: 2300-3022
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Stoltmann A., Jaskólski M., Bućko P.: Ranking of Generation Source Locations by a Hybrid Multi-Criteria Method// Acta Energetica -,iss. 3 (40) (2020), s.22-32
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.12736/issn.2330-3022.2019302
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