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Retrieval of Heterogeneus Sevices in C2NIWA Repository


The paper reviews the methods used for retrieval of information and services. The selected approaches presented in the review inspired us to build retrieval mechanisms in a system for searching the resources stored in the C2NIWA repository. We describe the architecture of the system, its functions and the surrounding subsystems to which it is related. For retrieval of C2NIWA sevices we propos three approaches based on: keyword search, hierarchical catalog and searching with the use of a specification of meta values. The proposed funcjonality allows us to increase the visibility of the University competebces. We propose a module for managing external proposals to carry out cooperative projects using the know-how of the University.

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artykuły w czasopismach recenzowanych i innych wydawnictwach ciągłych
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TASK Quarterly nr 19, strony 419 - 428,
ISSN: 1428-6394
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Szymański J.: Retrieval of Heterogeneus Sevices in C2NIWA Repository// TASK Quarterly. -Vol. 19., nr. 4 (2015), s.419-428
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