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Sharing research data across disciplines


This monograph is a collection of experiences gathered by the team implementing the Bridge of Data project. However, it is not just a simple summary of the project implementation. It shows and systematizes the substantive and technical works performed by the teams and several issues related to data management itself in various disciplines, represented by members of the scientific team and other researchers from partner universities.The aim of an attempt to describe as much data as possible and the diversity thereof was to approximate to the reader of this publication both the complexity of research processes and data acquisition methods in different disciplines. Thus, it also shows various data types, formats, and methods – collection, description, and sharing. The importance of ensuring that the results of research in the form of data are not lost is increasingly emphasized. There is also a growing awareness among researchers themselves, though not everywhere and not at the same pace. Some funding bodies have defined requirements that plans for managing the data (Data Management Plans) produced during a research project should be included in grant proposals. These plans show how research data will be collected, organized, managed, and preserved during the project and after. What such a plan looks like depends on the specificity and conditions of the project


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