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Size effect in concrete under splitting tension


The size effect is a fundamental phenomenon in concrete materials. It denotes that both the nominal structural strength and material ductility always decrease with increasing element size under tension. In the paper splitting tensile tests on cylindrical concrete specimens with the different diameter were carried out. Two types of the loading strip (plywood board and steel cylinder) were used. The concrete strength and ductility decreased with increasing specimen diameter. For large concrete specimens a clear snap-back occurred. The experiments were simulated with the spherical discrete element method (DEM) under two-dimensional conditions. In the calculations, concrete was assumed as a four-phase composite material including aggregate, cement matrix, interfacial transitional zones (ITZs) and macro-voids. The process of micro- and macro-cracking was studied in detail for various failure modes. The macroscopic curves and shapes of cracks were directly compared with the laboratory test outcomes.

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Tytuł wydania:
Computational Modelling of Concrete Structures strony 454 - 464
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Suchorzewski J., Tejchman-Konarzewski A.: Size effect in concrete under splitting tension// Computational Modelling of Concrete Structures/ ed. Gunther Meschke, Bernard Pichler, Jan G Rots Londyn: Taylor&Francis Group, 2018, s.454-464

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