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Soft – Partial Frequency Reuse Method for LTE-A


In the paper a novel SPFR frequency reuse method is proposed which can be used for improvement of physical resources utilization efficiency in LTE-A. The proposed method combines both SFR and PFR giving the possibility of more flexible use of frequency band in different regions of a cell. First, a short study on the problem of frequency reuse in cells is discussed including bibliography overview. In next section the principle of the proposed SPFR method is described. Then the simulation model is discussed and simulation parameters are expected. In the last part, results of simulation of SPFR efficiency in comparison to known frequency reuse methods are presented. Presented results include both capacity and throughput for single connection. The proposed method eliminates main disadvantages of both SFR and PFR methods and gives significantly greater capacity of radio interface in boundary region of cells.


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Sławomir Gajewski. (2017). Soft – Partial Frequency Reuse Method for LTE-A, 26(1), 359-368.

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RADIOENGINEERING nr 26, wydanie 1, strony 359 - 368,
ISSN: 1210-2512
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Gajewski S.: Soft – Partial Frequency Reuse Method for LTE-A// RADIOENGINEERING. -Vol. 26, iss. 1 (2017), s.359-368

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