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Spatio-temporal filtering for determination of common mode error in regional GNSS networks


The spatial correlation between different stations for individual components in the regional GNSS networks seems to be significant. The mismodelling in satellite orbits, the Earth orientation parameters (EOP), largescale atmospheric effects or satellite antenna phase centre corrections can all cause the regionally correlated errors. This kind of GPS time series errors are referred to as common mode errors (CMEs). They are usually estimated with the regional spatial filtering, such as the "stacking". In this paper, we show the stacking approach for the set of ASG-EUPOS permanent stations, assuming that spatial distribution of the CME is uniform over the whole region of Poland (more than 600 km extent). The ASG-EUPOS is a multifunctional precise positioning system based on the reference network designed for Poland. We used a 5- year span time series (2008-2012) of daily solutions in the ITRF2008 from Bernese 5.0 processed by the Military University of Technology EPN Local Analysis Centre (MUT LAC). At the beginning of our analyses concerning spatial dependencies, the correlation coefficients between each pair of the stations in the GNSS network were calculated. This analysis shows that spatio-temporal behaviour of the GPS-derived time series is not purely random, but there is the evident uniform spatial response. In order to quantify the influence of filtering using CME, the norms L1 and L2 were determined. The values of these norms were calculated for the North, East and Up components twice: before performing the filtration and after stacking. The observed reduction of the L1 and L2 norms was up to 30% depending on the dimension of the network. However, the question how to define an optimal size of CME-analysed subnetwork remains unanswered in this research, due to the fact that our network is not extended enough.


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  • Zdjęcie użytkownika prof. dr hab inż. Janusz Bogusz

    Janusz Bogusz prof. dr hab inż.

  • Zdjęcie użytkownika  Maciej Gruszczynski

    Maciej Gruszczynski

  • Zdjęcie użytkownika prof. dr hab. inż. Mariusz Figurski

    Mariusz Figurski prof. dr hab. inż.

  • Zdjęcie użytkownika dr inż. Anna Klos

    Anna Klos dr inż.

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Central European Journal of Geosciences nr 7, wydanie 1, strony 140 - 148,
ISSN: 2081-9900
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Bogusz, J., Gruszczynski M., Figurski M., Klos A.: Spatio-temporal filtering for determination of common mode error in regional GNSS networks// Central European Journal of Geosciences. -Vol. 7, iss. 1 (2015), s.140-148
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.1515/geo-2015-0021
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