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Spillover Effect Occurrence in Tricity


The key topic of this paper is a spillover effect from multinational companies to the local business environment in Tricity. The purpose of the research is to examine whether spillover effect is present in Tricity, to what extent, and, more importantly, what should be the reaction of the local authorities to the results. Based on qualitative interview-based research conducted with the multinational corporations’ employees, spillover effect is present in Tricity to a very limited extent. The reasons could be inappropriate domestic base and infrastructure, inability to absorb the flow of foreign technologies and knowledge from multinational corporations, as well as a lack of universality of skills to be transferred to other companies. The results of the research could be useful for local authorities, research on “spillover effect” scale in Tricity, workers’ mobility, and determining brain drain potential in the region.


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Anacka, H., Pérez-Sindín López, X.S., & Fanha Martins, H. (2017). Spillover effect occurrence in Tricity. American Journal of Academic Research, 2, A1-A14
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