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Student Perspectives on the 2017 ESA Concurrent Engineering Challenge


In September 2017, the first ESA Academy’s Concurrent Engineering Challenge (CEC) was held, giving 88 Master’s and PhD-level students from twelve ESA Member and Associate States a powerful platform to experience system engineering in an intense, fast paced, and real-world environment. Within four days, teams of physics and engineering students in Concurrent Design Facilities (CDF) located in Politecnico di Torino, Universidad Polit´ecnica de Madrid, University of Strathclyde and ESA’s European Space Security and Education Centre (ESEC) each developed a preliminary design for a satellite mission to map the Lunar south pole for water-ice as a precursor for the Moon village concept. Each team was divided into subsystem groups of two to three students each. As the subsystems design progressed, key parameters were regularly updated and shared within the team using ESA’s Open Concurrent Design Tool (OCDT). The Challenge concluded with final presentations and critical discussion of the four satellite designs. Lessons learned during CEC were carried back by the students to their respective universities and projects and are discussed by the ESEC student team. The remaining co-authors are listed in the Acknowledgements section of the paper.

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2nd Symposium on Space Educational Activities strony 1 - 5
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Doerksen K., Van‘t Klooster T., Ferguson W., Pepper S., Van Paridon D., Amorim R., Chotalal R., Ciechowska K., Dąbrowski A., Kunbrger V., Porębski J., Marius S., Shang Y., Valençon M.: Student Perspectives on the 2017 ESA Concurrent Engineering Challenge// 2nd Symposium on Space Educational Activities/ Budapeszt: , 2018, s.1-5
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