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Study on Methods to Control Interstory Deflections


One of the possibilities to prevent building pounding between two adjacent structures is to consider appropriate in-between separation distance. Another approach might be focused on controlling the relative displacements during seismic excitations. Although the majority of building codes around the world recommend the use of some equations of various distances between structures to avoid pounding; a lot of reports after earthquakes have obviously shown that safety situation or economic consideration is not always provided due to the collisions between buildings and high cost of land; respectively. The aim of the present paper is to focus the analysis on the properties of structures and conduct an in-depth analysis of available methods to control interstory deflections so as to prevent pounding. For this purpose, a numerical lumped mass model of the five-story building has been considered and its response under different earthquake records has been investigated. Firstly, the influence of the change in structural properties (story stiffness; mass and damping) has been examined. Then the application of tuned mass damper, base isolation and base isolation with rubber bumpers has been considered. The results of comparative analyses clearly indicate that using base isolation, with the addition of bumpers, can be selected as the best method to control building deflections and decrease absolute lateral displacement between two buildings so as to prevent their pounding during earthquakes.


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Geosciences nr 10,
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Khatami S. M., Naderpour H., Razavi S. M. N., Barros R., Jakubczyk-Gałczyńska A., Jankowski R.: Study on Methods to Control Interstory Deflections// Geosciences -Vol. 10,iss. 2 (2020), s.75-
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.3390/geosciences10020075
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