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Swarm Algorithms in Modern Engineering Optimization Problems


Complexity of today engineering problems is constantly increasing. Scientists no longer are facing issues, for which simple, mathematical programming methods are sufficient. Issues like autonomic vehicle navigation or classification are considered to be challenging, and although there exist valid means to solve them, in some cases there still is some place for improvement. With emergence of a new type of optimization techniques – the swarm algorithms – new possibilities for dealing with those problems had risen. This article presents examples of successful implementation of swarm algorithms (i.e., the River Formation Dynamics and the Modified Cuckoo Search algorithms) into modern engineering optimization problems. Properties of the swarm algorithms made it possible to solve complex, multidimensional problems faster and more efficient than other comparable techniques.

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Pałkowski A., Redlarski G.: Swarm Algorithms in Modern Engineering Optimization Problems// XV International PHD Workshop OWD 2013/ ed. G. Kłapyta : , 2013, s.501-506
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