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TB11 test for short w-beam road barrier


FEM (Finite Element Method) is well-suited and widely used tool for simulating a range of phenomena: from these with simple and static behaviour, up to those complicated, highly nonlinear and involving many contacts. In present paper we use one of the advantages of FEM: parametric study could be easily performed and is more economical than series of in-situ tests. If recommended practices is carefully followed, results obtained from simulations may be considered as reliable. Current research is a part of scientific project RID 3A, some previous results could be found in paper. TB 11 standard test was analysed in few papers. In particular, we simulate TB11 test performed on short section of typical road barrier. Even thou typical polygon test is performed on e.g. 60 m long barrier section, few circumstances necessitate use of shorter sections, e.g. existence of intersections close to each other or point obstacle on the road side which need to be protected. In this study we try to throw some light on general question: are short section barriers as secure as their full-length parent? This paper do not aspire to give unequivocal answer to this question, we intend to show FEM and LS-DYNA in particular as reasonable tool to investigate this and similar cases.

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publikacja w wydawnictwie zbiorowym recenzowanym (także w materiałach konferencyjnych)
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11th European LS-DYNA Conference strony 1 - 10
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Wilde K., Burzyński S., Bruski D., Chróścielewski J., Witkowski W.: TB11 test for short w-beam road barrier// 11th European LS-DYNA Conference/ Salzburg: DYNAmore GmbH, 2017, s.1-10
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