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Technical diagnostics and monitoring of traction current collectors


New evaluation methods of the technical condition of rolling stock current collectors are proposed in this paper. The method of automatic measurement of the pantograph static force characteristic, realized when the vehicle runs through the test section of the track with especially prepared overhead line height distribution, has been practically implemented by the Polish Railways. The method of testing the slipper spring suspension is based on the analysis of overhead line oscillation excited by the external stroke; the vibration is measured in the contact point of the line and slipper. This method has been verified experimentally. Monitoring method of current collectors in normal traffic conditions has been proposed for detection of pantographs failures, which take place on the track. Its principle is the registration and analysis of contact wire uplift waveform at the time when each train passes the point of measurement. The experimental monitoring of contact wire displacement in real traffic conditions on the railway track, lasting for a few months, proved the validity of the method.

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Modern Electric Traction : Power Supply strony 151 - 167
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Karwowski K., Mizan M.: Technical diagnostics and monitoring of traction current collectors// Modern Electric Traction : Power Supply/ ed. Eds. K. Karwowski, A. Szeląg. - University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering. Gdańsk: University of Technology, 2009, s.151-167
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