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The Drop-in-Drop Encapsulation in Chitosan and Sodium Alginate as a Method of Prolonging the Quality of Linseed Oil


Nowadays, the encapsulation of sensitive products by various techniques has become popular as a promising preservation method. In particular, this applies to oils with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids and a high susceptibility to deterioration. This work presents the possibility of using a chitosan and sodium alginate in the form of a hydrogel membrane to protect food ingredients such as linseed oil, which is stored in an aquatic environment. The obtained results showed the high efficiency of the coaxial method encapsulation, which did not affect the quality of the oil measured after encapsulation. The greatest protective effect was observed in the linseed oil–chitosan membrane system, in which the primary and secondary oxidation products content were 88% and 32% lower than in the control sample, respectively. The smallest changes of the fatty acid profile, conjugated dienes, and trienes were observed in the chitosan capsules with linseed oil compared to the control sample.


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Polymers nr 10, strony 1 - 17,
ISSN: 2073-4360
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Opis bibliograficzny:
Mania S., Tylingo R., Michałowska A.: The Drop-in-Drop Encapsulation in Chitosan and Sodium Alginate as a Method of Prolonging the Quality of Linseed Oil// Polymers. -Vol. 10, nr. 12 (2018), s.1-17
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.3390/polym10121355
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