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The Dynamic Model of Magnetic Hysteresis


This paper presents the scalar dynamic magnetic hysteresis model based on the Preisach theory. The important role in this theory played hysteresis operator states. The changes of these operators` states are not immediate in the dynamic model but they are a function of time and parameter k representing the magnetic properties of the material. In this paper the transient state of the hysteresis operator is defined by the nonlinear first order differential equation. The implementation of the dynamic hysteresis is additionally associated with feedback hysteresis model. This allows for obtaining a more accurate model for low and high magnetization frequencies. The material parameter k was determined for the toroidal tape wound core made of anisotropic sheet steel ET114-27. This paper presents the magnetic hysteresis loop simulation results for the different magnetization frequencies.

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Tytuł wydania:
IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT) strony 840 - 843
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Wilk A., Michna M..: The Dynamic Model of Magnetic Hysteresis, W: IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT), 2015, ,.
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