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The Hough transform in the classification process of inland ships


This article presents an analysis of the possibilities of using image processing methods for feature extraction that allows kNN classification based on a ship’s image delivered from an on-water video surveillance system. The subject of the analysis is the Hough transform which enables the detection of straight lines in an image. The recognized straight lines and the information about them serve as features in the classification process. Above all, this approach allows ships to be recognized, which can then be characterized by a specific representation and shape. Recreational units that are often seen on inland waters were classified correctly using this method. Each analyzed camera image was previously prepared – brought to the form where the ship was visible from the side and the background removed (they were monochromatic – white). The results obtained in this work will allow for the development of the final ship classification method based on camera images. This method is a significant part of the emerging system prototype, which is implemented as part of the Automatic Ship Recognition and Identification (SHREC) project.


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