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The investment risk forecasting in a local energy market


The paper considers the general problems faced when evaluating the risk of investing in a local energy market by computer tools. The proposal formulated for the emerging local energy markets suggests broadening the method of evaluating investment risk so as to include elements of cluster analysis. The paper also discusses the significance of estimating investment risk in market terms and the importance and range of the local energy market. Finally, the work formulates a method to estimate investment risk by a computer program and gauge its impact on the investment expenditure. The presented approach to estimating the cost of risk allows for identifying such cost in changing market conditions, with technical, economic and location parameters specific for a given investment in the power industry recognised. This is particularly crucial in planning the processes of investing in the regional power industry and local energy markets


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Opublikowano w:
ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT nr 43, wydanie 4, strony 515 - 522,
ISSN: 0196-8904
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Kamrat W.: The investment risk forecasting in a local energy market// ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT. -Vol. 43., iss. 4 (2002), s.515-522
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.1016/s0196-8904(01)00029-2
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