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The smartest location for an eco-district– investigation of urban spatial energy efficiency


Increasing awareness concerning environmental aspects of spatial and architectural planning led to more deliberated projects of eco-districts. Located all over the world and constantly being improved, apart from excellent energetical parameters, most of them have one specific characteristic in common, which is location in the outskirts. The aim of this article was to understand the importance of ecological district location depending on the distance from the city center and spatial energy efficiency parameters. For this purpose, the method of spatial analyses and settlements energy efficiency calculations were conducted. Five characteristic areas of the city were chosen for tests within the agglomeration of Polish Tricity, depending on the centrality level. In each of the areas, the same experimental ecological building complex was placed for the needs of research. As a result, following parameters of spatial energy efficiency were obtained for each location: total energy demand, carbon dioxide lifecycle emissions and ecological footprint. The outcomes were juxtaposed and performed in comparative analysis. This research approach respected both energy performance of single buildings and factors related to electricity, municipal services and infrastructure along with inhabitants’ mobility. The results from this study indicated that the location of ecological building complexes-often largely selfsufficient, is of such a considerable significance. The research supports the thesis that there is an importance of existing transport, municipal infrastructure, services and related aspects dependent on the location. © GSTF 2019.


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Tytuł wydania:
Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering Issue 227969, 2019, strony 356 - 364
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Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) doi: 10.5176/2301-394x_ace19.629
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