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Theory vs. practice. Searching for a path of practical education


The introduction of a three-tier model of higher education (the Bologna model) has led to considerable changes in the 1st- and 2nd-tier technical courses at universities. At present, a student with a bachelor’s degree can be employed in his / her profession after completing only 7 semesters of study. A search is under way for methods of combining theoretical knowledge taught at universities with practical knowledge gained afterwards. This is accompanied by technological and economic transformations, creating the need for new programmes and teaching methods in order to keep graduates up to speed with the ever-changing global labour market. This paper summarizes attempts to incorporate real-life labour market experience intothe process of educating students in the Architecture Department. This has been achieved through a series of lectures by business owners delivering construction technologies, hands-on student training as well as student competitions organized by companies.

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General and Professional Education strony 53 - 58,
ISSN: 2084-1469
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Marczak P.: Theory vs. practice. Searching for a path of practical education// General and Professional Education. -., nr. 1 (2016), s.53-58
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