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Tire/Road Noise On Poroelastic Road Surfaces - Results Of Laboratory Measurements


Tire/road noise is the most important part of traffic noise for medium and high speed driving both in the case of passenger cars and trucks. The potential to make modification of tires that significantly reduce tire/road noise in nearly over, at least for conventional tires so the only promising action is to improve road pavements. One of the innovative solutions is poroelastic road pavement (PERS) that reduces airflow related noise mechanisms due to its porosity and impact related mechanisms owing to its elasticity. Although the existing PERS test sections are still struggling with certain problems most notably non satisfactory durability and somewhat low friction, the experiments show that substantial progress is possible and the acoustic performance of PERS is very good making it the most quiet road pavements so far. The paper presents results of laboratory tests of PERS performed at the Technical University of Gdańsk both for car and truck tires.

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Euronoise 2018 - Conference Proceedings strony 2719 - 2723
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Ejsmont J., Świeczko-Żurek B., Owczarzak W., Sommer S., Ronowski G.: Tire/Road Noise On Poroelastic Road Surfaces - Results Of Laboratory Measurements// Euronoise 2018 - Conference Proceedings/ ed. Michael Taroudakis Hersonissos, Crete, Greece: Copyright © 2018 | EAA – HELINA |, 2018, s.2719-2723
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Politechnika Gdańska

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