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Water Quality and Water Pollution Control


Water exists at least as long as there is life on Earth. No wonder that water became a natural part of life. Moreover, no animal or plant can survive without water. There is an unbreakable bond between every living organism and water. Water is important to humans as well. Water can be treated as an ally in constant improvement of the quality of life. The existence of water is crucial for many aspects, such as: agriculture, industry, chemical and biological processes, tourism and leisure etc. Water is the only substance on Earth that exists naturally in all three states of matter: gaseous – as important part of atmosphere, solid – mainly in the polar caps, and liquid – the state most common and well known to everyone. However, water is the most polluted substance on Earth. Moreover, water is the most susceptible to almost every existing pollutant. The script covers many issues of water quality control and pollutants present in water. The script can be treated as a supplement to knowledge gained during lectures on Water Quality Control or may be treated as a separate source of knowledge concerning the control and monitoring of waters. This script is dedicated to cover and outline the following topics: - water molecule as a necessary and the most important component of the environment - the role of the hydrosphere and different phenomena occurring in the waters, soil, air, and the interactions between them - detailed analysis of the condition of the Baltic Sea - composition of natural waters and their physicochemical parameters, explanation which parameters are important and why - widely understood human impact on the environment, mostly devoted to the aquatic environments, positive and negative effects of human impact - review of various types of pollutants found in the waters and neighbouring environments. The script contains a lot of information that improves knowledge on water quality control and water pollutants control. The influence of various pollutants on the condition and quality of waters and the acceptable limits of them are presented. Finally, the role of humanity and its activity as a part of natural environment is presented.

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Kot-Wasik A., Wasik A., Kubica P.: Water Quality and Water Pollution Control. Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Politechniki Gdańskiej, 2013. 151 s. ISBN 978-83-7348-494-8
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