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  • Approach to security assessment of critical infrastructures' information systems

    - IET Information Security - 2011

    This study presents an approach to the security assessment of the information systems of critical infrastructures. The approach is based on the faithful reconstruction of the evaluated information system in a computer security laboratory followed by simulations of possible threats against the system. The evidence collected during the experiments, stored and organised using a proprietary system InSAW, may later be used for the creation...

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  • Cybersecurity and Privacy in Standards for Smart Grids – a Comprehensive Survey

    Resilient information and communications technologies are a prerequisite for reliable operation of smart grid. In recent years, many standards for the new form of electricity network have been proposed, which results in operators and other smart grid stakeholders having difficulties in finding the documents which can be related to their particular problems. The purpose of this paper is to bring in all smart grid standards that...

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  • Simulating malware with MAlSim

    This paper describes MAlSim - Mobile Agent Malware Simulator - a mobile agent framework developed to address one of the most important problems related to the simulation of attacks against information systems, i.e. the lack of adequate tools for reproducing behaviour of malicious software (malware). The framework can be deployed over the network of an arbitrary information system and it aims at simulating behaviour of each instance...

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