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Profesor nadzwyczajny ze stop. nauk. dr hab.

Katedra Mechatroniki Morskiej
Wydział Oceanotechniki i Okrętownictwa

Miejsce pracy Budynek Wydz. Okrętow.
pokój 506 otwiera się w nowej karcie

Telefon (58) 347 2745

E-mail rafal@pg.edu.pl

Wybrane publikacje

  • An analysis of domain-based ship collision risk parameters

    R. Szłapczyński, J. Szłapczyńska - OCEAN ENGINEERING - 2016
    According to a lot of contemporary research on ship collision avoidance the classic approach parameters – distance at closest point of approach (DCPA) and time to the closest point of approach (TCPA) – are not sufficient for estimating ship collision risk and for planning evasive manoeuvres. Consequently new measures are introduced, often utilizing the concept of a ship domain. Their drawback, up to this point, was the lack of...
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  • Review of ship safety domains: Models and applications

    R. Szłapczyński, J. Szłapczyńska - OCEAN ENGINEERING - 2017
    Ship safety domain is a term which is widely used in research on collision avoidance and traffic engineering among others. Classic ship domains have been compared in multiple reports. However, up till now there has been no work summing up contemporary research in this field. The paper offers a systematic and critical review of the newer ship domain models and related research. It discusses multiple differences in approach to ship...
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  • Evolutionary sets of safe ship trajectories with speed reduction manoeuvres within traffic separation schemes

    In the previous paper the author presented the evolutionary ship trajectory planning method designed to support Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS). This time the extensions of this method are described which allow to combine evolutionary trajectory planning with speed reduction manoeuvres. On TSS regions with higher than usual density of traffic and smaller distances between ships, the course alterations alone are not always sufficient...
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Uzyskane stopnie/tytuły naukowe

  • 2015-01-29

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr hab. inż. Transport (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)
    Wydział Transportu Politechniki Warszawskiej
  • 2007-11-27

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr inż. Elektrotechnika (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)
    Wydział Elektryczny Akademii Morskiej w Gdyni

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