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Wyniki wyszukiwania dla: freshwater reservoirs


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Wyniki wyszukiwania dla: freshwater reservoirs

  • Arctic Freshwater Environment Altered by the Accumulation of Commonly Determined and Potentially New POPs


    - Water - Rok 2021

    Chemical composition of Arctic freshwater ecosystems depends on several factors. They include characteristics of the surrounding landscape, its lithology, geomorphology, vegetation, and hydrological features, as well as accumulation of anthropogenic pollution. In the Arctic, the problem of environmental contamination is widespread. That is why research on lakes and river catch-ments in terms of their chemical composition has enjoyed...

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  • The lethal effect of hydrotechnical concrete on freshwater Bivalvia


    - Limnological Review - Rok 2019

    Most hydrotechnical buildings under construction demand the concrete mixture to be set directly under water. The main reason for such a procedure is to limit the washing away of the the concrete binding mixture and to increase the efficiency of organisation of work so as to ensure continuity in concreting. The impact on the aquatic environment of recent developments in concrete technology and the use of new components has not yet...

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