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Wyniki wyszukiwania dla: ideology

Wyniki wyszukiwania dla: ideology

  • The Origins of the Concept of Ideology

    The concept of "ideology" as, firstly, a term that points at non-epistemological conditioning of cognitive processes, and, secondly, as a term which aimed at disclosing the ancillary role of given ideas in regard to specific political interests of certain groups, has long history. Since Francis Bacon's theory of idols modern philosophy endavoured to create a comprehensive classification of systematic cognitive errors which divert...

  • On the Modern and Postmodern Paradigms of Ideology and Social Criticism

    The article takes on the problem of ideology, critical consciousness and social criticism and distinguishes two ways of thematizing it. The first approach is developed within the post-Hegelian framework. According to this paradigm, critique of ideology is a means of transgressing the antagonistic forms of socialization and emancipating humanity from the false forms of consciousness and corresponding irrational and oppressive social...

  • Ideology and Politics Journal

    SHERPA RoMEO Szary Pomoc

    eISSN: 2227-6068

  • Politics Religion & Ideology

    SHERPA RoMEO Zielony Pomoc

    ISSN: 2156-7689 , eISSN: 2156-7697

  • Miniaturized solid phase microextratcion

    Without any doubt analytical laboratories have an essential role in environmental protection due to the fact that they takes an active part in the monitoring pollutants present in air, water or soil. From the other side, the analytical activity is involved in the generation of toxic waste what is associated with the use of not eco-friendly reagents and solvents. For these reasons, green analytical chemistry (GAC) was introduced...

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  • Dzielnica Reprezentacyjna Gdyni i jej powojenne oraz współczesne interpretacje


    - 2011

    The concept of the Premiere District in Gdynia was first conceived in the 1920s and from that time on it constantly accompanied the history of the city. It derivated from the idea of creating a symbol of Poland's regaining independence after the first World War and the successful creation of the new port and city on the Baltic coast. As the result of that development, Gdynia was named the maritime capital of Poland and was treated...