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  • Toward Robust Pedestrian Detection With Data Augmentation

    In this article, the problem of creating a safe pedestrian detection model that can operate in the real world is tackled. While recent advances have led to significantly improved detection accuracy on various benchmarks, existing deep learning models are vulnerable to invisible to the human eye changes in the input image which raises concerns about its safety. A popular and simple technique for improving robustness is using data...

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  • Vehicle Detection with Self-Training for Adaptative Video Processing Embedded Platform

    Traffic monitoring from closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras on embedded systems is the subject of the performed experiments. Solving this problem encounters difficulties related to the hardware limitations, and possible camera placement in various positions which affects the system performance. To satisfy the hardware requirements, vehicle detection is performed using a lightweight Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), named...

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  • Creating new voices using normalizing flows

    • P. Biliński
    • T. Merritt
    • A. Ezzerg
    • K. Pokora
    • S. Cygert
    • K. Yanagisawa
    • R. Barra-Chicote
    • D. Korzekwa

    - Rok 2022

    Creating realistic and natural-sounding synthetic speech remains a big challenge for voice identities unseen during training. As there is growing interest in synthesizing voices of new speakers, here we investigate the ability of normalizing flows in text-to-speech (TTS) and voice conversion (VC) modes to extrapolate from speakers observed during training to create unseen speaker identities. Firstly, we create an approach for TTS...

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