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  • Soft – Partial Frequency Reuse Method for LTE-A

    In the paper a novel SPFR frequency reuse method is proposed which can be used for improvement of physical resources utilization efficiency in LTE-A. The proposed method combines both SFR and PFR giving the possibility of more flexible use of frequency band in different regions of a cell. First, a short study on the problem of frequency reuse in cells is discussed including bibliography overview....

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  • Design of OFDM-based radio communication systems for coast-to-sea and coast-to-air propagation environments

    In the paper the study of radio communication system design process for systems based on OFDM transmission is considered. The signal propagation model for 1.4 GHz frequency band is discussed, and the study of signal propagation characteristics, important from the point of view of OFDM system design, is presented. The methodology of OFDM interface design is proposed and some characteristics of the OFDM-based radio communication...

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  • Architecture and Basic Assumptions of RSMAD

    The study presents the architecture of Radio System for Monitoring and Acquisition of Data from Traffic Enforcement Cameras (in short RSMAD) which is used for transmission (realized using GSM, UMTS or TETRA networks, and through the Internet network), archiving and exploring image data of traffic offenses. The paper also presents selected basic assumptions of the RSMAD system, which are relevant to the implemented by the system...

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