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  • Quality assessment of low voltage surge arresters

    Users expect reliable operation of the surge arrester during overvoltages, which may originate from a switching process or a lightning discharge. The necessary conditions to guarantee these expectations are: appropriate construction of the surge arrester, its production being maintained in accordance with technical standards, and a positive results of the type test (as well routine and acceptance tests). The recipient, especially...

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  • Main Outlines of Lightning Research Development in Poland

    • Z. Flisowski
    • M. Łoboda
    • G. Masłowski
    • S. Wojtas

    - Rok 2018

    The paper deals with the historical development of lightning protection research, lightning protection ideas and investigations in Poland. The main achievements of lightning research performed at the technical universities in Gdansk, Warsaw and Rzeszow have been characterized. Exemplary main achievements related to natural lightning observations and measurements as well to those performed in laboratory scale tests have been shortly...

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  • Impulse Impedance Measurements of Lightning Protection Earthings

    - Rok 2019

    Lightning protection earthing systems should be tested at currents with time parameters similar to those of lightnings. A method and definition of a measured value of impulse impedance are introduced. The impulse impedance was determined by a quotient of voltage drop on the tested earthing to a value of current in measure circuit. The usefulness of the impulse method for lightning protection evaluation is tested on radio base stations...

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