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  • Mispronunciation Detection in Non-Native (L2) English with Uncertainty Modeling

    - Rok 2021

    A common approach to the automatic detection of mispronunciation in language learning is to recognize the phonemes produced by a student and compare it to the expected pronunciation of a native speaker. This approach makes two simplifying assumptions: a) phonemes can be recognized from speech with high accuracy, b) there is a single correct way for a sentence to be pronounced. These assumptions do not always hold, which can result...

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  • Detection of Lexical Stress Errors in Non-Native (L2) English with Data Augmentation and Attention

    - Rok 2021

    This paper describes two novel complementary techniques that improve the detection of lexical stress errors in non-native (L2) English speech: attention-based feature extraction and data augmentation based on Neural Text-To-Speech (TTS). In a classical approach, audio features are usually extracted from fixed regions of speech such as the syllable nucleus. We propose an attention-based deep learning model that automatically de...

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  • Examining Impact of Speed Recommendation Algorithm Operating in Autonomous Road Signs on Minimum Distance between Vehicles

    - Remote Sensing - Rok 2022

    An approach to a new kind of recommendation system design that suggests safe speed on the road is presented. Real data obtained on roads were used for the simulations. As part of a project related to autonomous road sign development, a number of measurements were carried out on both local roads and expressways. A speed recommendation model was created based on gathered traffic data employing the traffic simulator. Depending on...

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