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  • Universal and contextualized public services: Digital public service innovation framework


    In view of the rising social and economic inequalities, public service delivery should be both universal, i.e. independent of the recipients' social or economic status, and contextualized, i.e. able to compensate for different local needs and conditions. Reconciling both properties requires various forms of innovations, chief among them innovations in digital public services. Building upon the four-stage model underpinning the...

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  • Implementing Sustainable Development Goals with Digital Government – Aspiration-capacity gap

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a commitment by all United Nations Member States to pursue development efforts, including ending poverty and hunger, promoting well-being and education, reducing inequalities, fostering peace, and protecting the planet. Member States and their governments are supposed to take ownership of the SDGs, strengthen the implementation means, and improve public governance as both the means...

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  • Digital Government and Administrative Burden Reduction

    - 2016

    Administrative burden represents the costs to businesses, citizens and the administration itself of complying with government regulations and procedures. The burden tends to increase with new forms of public governance that rely less on direct decisions and actions undertaken by traditional government bureaucracies, and more on government creating and regulating the environment for other, non-state actors to jointly address public...

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  • 1996-07-10

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    dr Informatyka (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)
    University of Warwick, UK

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