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  • Possible effects of the 1984 St. Clair River ice jam on bed changes

    This study examines the possible effect of the record ice jam of 1984 in the St. Clair River on river bed changes and conveyance. Numerical simulations were made to examine the flow and bed shear stresses during the jam formation and release periods. Simulation results indicate that the ice jam in the river did not cause a significant increase in bed shear stress compared to pre- and post-jam open water conditions. The insignificant...

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  • Modeling of Ice Phenomena in the Mouth of the Vistula River

    The mouth of the Vistula River, which is a river outlet located in tideless area, is analyzed. The Vistula River mouth is a man-made, artificial channel which was built in the 19th century in order to prevent the formation of ice jams in the natural river delta. Since the artificial river outlet was constructed, no severe ice-related flood risk situations have ever occurred. However, periodic ice-related phenomena still have an impact...

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  • Impact of the Artificial Strait in the Vistula Spit on the Hydrodynamics of the Vistula Lagoon (Baltic Sea)

    In the Vistula Lagoon, storm surges are induced by variable sea levels in the Gulf of Gdańsk and wind action. The rising of the water level in the southern part of the basin, exceeding 1.0 m above mean sea level, can be dangerous for the lowland area of Żuławy Elbląskie, causing the inundation of the polders adjacent to the lagoon. One of the potential possibilities to limit the flood risk is to decrease the water level in the...

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  • 2004-07-29

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr inż. Budownictwo (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)
    Instytut Budownictwa Wodnego PAN

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