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  • Concept description vectors and the 20 question game

    - Rok 2005

    Knowledge of properties that are applicable to a given object is a necessary prerequisite to formulate intelligent question. Concept description vectors provide simplest representation of this knowledge, storing for each object information about the values of its properties. Experiments with automatic creation of concept description vectors from various sources, including ontologies, dictionaries, encyclopedias and unstructured...

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  • Semantic Memory for Avatars in Cyberspace

    - Rok 2005

    Avatars that show intelligent behavior should have an access to general knowledge about the world, knowledge that humans store in their semantic memories. The simplest knowledge representation for semantic memory is based on the Concept Description Vectors (CDVs) that store, for each concept, an information whether a given property can be applied to this concept or not. Unfortunately large-scale semantic memories are not available....

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