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Rok 2022
  • Imitating Quantum Probabilities: Beyond Bell’s Theorem and Tsirelson Bounds

    Local hidden-variable model of singlet-state correlations discussed in M. Czachor, Acta Phys. Polon. A 139, 70, is shown to be a particular case of an infinite hierarchy of local hidden-variable models based on an infinite hierarchy of calculi. Violation of Bell-type inequalities can be interpreted as a `confusion of languages' problem, a result of mixing different but neighboring levels of the hierarchy. Mixing of non-neighboring...

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  • Nonconventional 1,8-Diazafluoren-9-One Aggregates for Green Light Enhancement in Hybrid Biocompatible Media

    - Materials - Rok 2022

    Organic aggregates currently play a prominent role, mainly for their unique optoelectronic properties in the aggregated state. Such properties can be related to the aggregates’ structure and the molecular packing mode. In the literature, we have well-established models of H and J aggregates defined based on the molecular exciton model. However, unconventional aggregates, the most unrecognized forms, have been generating interest...

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  • Potential Energy Curves of Diatomic Alkali Molecules Datasets

    - Rok 2022

    The datasets described in this article contain potential energy curves for several diatomic systems. The data was obtained via high-performance computing using MOLPRO, a system of ab initio programs for advanced molecular electronic structure calculations. The datasets allow to model bond lengths, energy levels, spectra and time-evolution of molecular dimers for which the data are presented.

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Rok 2021
  • Non-Newtonian Mathematics Instead of Non-Newtonian Physics: Dark Matter and Dark Energy from a Mismatch of Arithmetics

    Newtonian physics is based on Newtonian calculus applied to Newtonian dynamics. New paradigms such as ‘modified Newtonian dynamics’ (MOND) change the dynamics, but do not alter the calculus. However, calculus is dependent on arithmetic, that is the ways we add and multiply numbers. For example, in special relativity we add and subtract velocities by means of addition β1⊕β2=tanh(tanh−1(β1)+tanh−1(β2)), although multiplication β1⊙β2=tanh(tanh−1(β1)⋅tanh−1(β2)),...

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  • Roadmap on dynamics of molecules and clusters in the gas phase
    • H. Zettergren
    • A. Domaracka
    • T. Schlathölter
    • P. Bolognesi
    • S. Díaz-Tendero
    • M. Łabuda
    • S. Tosic
    • S. Maclot
    • P. Johnsson
    • A. Steber... i 34 innych


    This roadmap article highlights recent advances, challenges and future prospects in studies of the dynamics of molecules and clusters in the gas phase. It comprises nineteen contributions by scientists with leading expertise in complementary experimental and theoretical techniques to probe the dynamics on timescales spanning twenty orders of magnitudes, from attoseconds to minutes and beyond, and for systems ranging in complexity...

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  • Two-photon microperimetry with picosecond pulses

    - Biomedical Optics Express - Rok 2021

    Two-photon vision is a phenomenon associated with the perception of short pulsesof near-infrared radiation (900-1200 nm) as a visible light. It is caused by the nonlinear processof two-photon absorption by visual pigments. Here we present results showing the influence ofpulse duration and repetition rate of short pulsed lasers on the visual threshold. We comparedtwo-photon sensitivity maps of the retina obtained for subjects with...

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