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  • An Experimental Investigation of Pressure Wave Celerity During the Transient Slurry Flow

    - GeoPlanet: Earth and Planetary Sciences - Rok 2018

    Transportation of slurries in pressure pipelines is an example of a complex flow due to specific parameters of transported medium. For practitioners, the economy of designing and maintenance is usually the most important factor. For this reason, most of hydrotransport installations are fairly simple; however, they become more vulnerable to negative effects of the transient flow which can occur in pressure pipelines. As the consequence,...

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  • Comparative analysis of different numerical models of a steel radial gate

    Hydrotechnical structures are important components in water management system and general flooding safety. Their reliability should be ensured since potential damage might lead to catastrophic consequences. Weir gates are considered to be highly vulnerable elements of each hydro power plant, with regard to its dynamic resistance. The aim of the paper is to compare different numerical models and their influence on the results of...

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  • Dimensionally Consistent Nonlinear Muskingum Equation

    Although the Muskingum equation was proposed nearly 75 years ago, it is still a subject of active research. Despite of its simple form, the real properties of this equation have not been comprehensively explained. This paper proposes a new interpretation of the linear McCarthy’s relation. This relation can be interpreted only together with the storage equation, whereas the Muskingum equation can be derived directly from the system...

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