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  • Measurements of the Hydraulic Fluids Compressibility

    - 2021

    Performance of the hydrostatic high-pressure drive systems is affected by the changes of working fluid’s volume. Presence of air bubbles in the fluid cause this problem to be even more serious. To study this phenomenon precise measurements of fluid’s bulk modulus are necessary. Differ-ent measurement methods are applied, but they are either limited to low pressure range or give inaccurate results. To solve the problem the new...

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  • Torque Transmitted by Multi-plate Wet Clutches in Relation to Number of Friction Plates and Their Dimensions

    In the paper results of experimental tests on multi-plate wet clutch torque capacity for various diameters and numbers of friction plates are presented. Construction of an apparatus for laboratory tests of wet clutch engagement, drag torque and maximum torque is shown. Methodology of maximum torque capacity experiment and hydraulic circuit diagram, which supplies a motor and an actuator for the experiment are described. Analytically...

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  • Volumetric and torque efficiency of pumps during start-up in low ambient temperatures

    - 2021

    The volumetric, torque and total efficiency of hydraulic pumps change during start-up in low ambient temperatures, as well as in thermal shock conditions, un-til they reach the set conditions. The time to reach steady-state conditions de-pends on many parameters: ambient temperature, flow rate, fluid temperature, design of hydraulic units. The author carried out tests of hydraulic pumps in the Hydraulics Laboratory of the Faculty...

  • Approach for Determination of Functioning of Lower Limb Muscles
    • W. Wojnicz
    • B. Zagrodny
    • M. Ludwicki
    • M. Syczewska
    • J. Mrozowski
    • J. Awrejcewicz

    - 2018

    The purpose of the study is elaboration of approach for determination of functioning of chosen muscles that are essential for gait performance (Tibialis Anterior, Rectus Femoris, Gastrocnemius Medialis, Biceps Femoris). The scope of the study involves the analysis of the symmetric planar motion performing in the sagittal plane of the body by applying planar multibody model and electromyography signals (EMG) registered over normal...

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