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  • Automatic Detection and Monitoring of Cyanobacterial Blooms in the Context of the Marine Cadastre

    - 2017

    In the wake of the European and global spatial data infrastructures (SDI) it is important to build information systems which use and serve thematic data in compliance with the INSPIRE Directive. In the context of hydrographic data, the Directive requires EU member states to collect and share information on maritime areas divided into regions and sub-regions, as well as coastal zone management areas. These data are part of recently...

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  • DAB vs DAB+ Radio Broadcasting: a Subjective Comparative Study

    In the age of digital media, delivering high quality content to consumers is one of the most demanding tasks. There exist numerous broadcasting standards, with different pros and cons, and the DAB/DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) system is one of the most popular among them. From an engineer’s perspective, efficient resource management under limited bandwidth conditions has always been a challenge. In this paper a subjective quality...

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  • Dynamic Signal Strength Mapping and Analysis by Means of Mobile Geographic Information System

    Bluetooth beacons are becoming increasingly popular for various applications such as marketing or indoor navigation. However, designing a proper beacon installation requires knowledge of the possible sources of interference in the target environment. While theoretically beacon signal strength should decay linearly with log distance, on-site measurements usually reveal that noise from objects such as Wi-Fi networks operating in...

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  • High precision and accuracy using low cost GNSS receivers and supporting technologies

    - 2017

    This chapter focuses on methods and techniques of positioning, based on the highly accurate and precise Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), which are available at a relatively low price. In this context, a comparison of different positioning methods provided by the free and open source software (FOSS) package called RTKLIB is given. Other aspects related to price reduction are also considered, including availability and...

  • Inertial Sensors Applications in Underwater Measurements

    Over the past decades microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) researchers have demonstrated a number of microsensors for almost every possible sensing modality, including attitudes. Current MEMS inertial measurement units (IMU) come in many shapes, sizes, and costs — depending on the application, and performance required. MEMS sensors have proved and demonstrated performance exceeding those of their macroscale counterpart sensors. In...

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  • Integrated acoustical-optical system for inventory of hydrotechnical objects


    The knowledge of the location, shape and other characteristics of spatial objects in the coastal areas has a significant impact on the functioning of ports, shipyards, and other waterinfrastructure facilities, both offshore and inland. Therefore, measurements of the underwater part of the waterside zone are taken, which means the bottom of the water and other underwater objects (e.g. breakwaters, docks, etc.), and objects above...

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    One of the most promising new applications of remote observation satellite systems (RO) is the near-shore bathymetry estimation based on spaceborn multispectral imageries. In recent years, many experiments aiming to estimate bathymetry in optically shallow water with the use of remote optical observations have been presented. In this paper, optimal models of satellite derived bathymetry (SDB) for relatively turbid waters of the...

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