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  • Modelling of acoustic backscattering by southern Baltic herring

    Assessment of Baltic herring abundance can be carried out using acoustic techniques. Analysis of the relationship between the Baltic herring individual target strength, TS, and the total fish length, L, important for the acoustic assessment, showed the relationship to be dependent on the location of the study area. This finding motivated a detailed analysis of the relationship for the herring occurring in the southern Baltic...

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  • Backscattering properties of southern Baltic herring

    Reliable TS(L) relationship is required to improve acoustic algorithms of abundanceestimation of Baltic herring. The relationships, empirically obtained in different parts of theBaltic Sea, produce up to 8 dB – difference in the herring TS. In order to develop an accurateTS(L) relationship, it is important to analyze factors controlling the TS variability. Thepossible impact of the regional difference...

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  • On the acoustic backscattering by Baltic herring and sprat

    Accurate abundance estimate of Baltic clupeids, herring and sprat, is required for theirsustainable exploitation. The understanding the sound backscattering of individual fish isimportant for employing the acoustical techniques, which are widely used in the estimation.The previous studies demonstrated that the improvement of the understanding is critical forthe Baltic herring and sprat. It was the main...

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