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Rok 2004
Rok 2021
  • Dynamics of Chains as a Tool to Study Thermomechanical Properties of Proteins.

    - Rok 2021

    Polymer dynamics can be formulated on different levels of detail. One approach eliminates microscopic degrees of freedom and a polymer molecule is represented by a simplified structure—a chain. In the simplest case monomers of ideal chain have fixed length, and their orientation is independent of the orientations and positions of neighbouring monomers. This is reason that two monomers can co-exist at the same place. Ideal chain...

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  • High-accuracy polarimetric studies on lead germanate single crystals

    - Journal of Applied Crystallography - Rok 2021

    A high-accuracy polarimetric technique has been used for the characterization of a lead germanate ferroelectric single crystal. The measurement results of the linear and circular birefringence in the [010] direction at a wavelength of 633 nm under the influence of an electric field are presented. Gyration–electric field hysteresis loops at alternative crystal positions in the polarization system have been used to determine the...

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  • Water Behavior Near the Lipid Bilayer

    - Rok 2021

    In this chapter, we focus on the dynamics of water molecules situated in the vicinity of a phospholipid bilayer. Using a molecular dynamics simulation method, we studied interactions between water and the bilayer and tracked trajectories of the water molecules. Based on the hypothesis that molecules trapped inside the bilayer make different motions than the ones which are either attached to the surface or move freely in the water...

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Rok 2022
  • Effect of Ion and Binding Site on the Conformation of Chosen Glycosaminoglycans at the Albumin Surface
    • P. Sionkowski
    • P. Bełdowski
    • N. Kruszewska
    • P. Weber
    • B. Marciniak
    • K. Domino

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2022

    Albumin is one of the major components of synovial fluid. Due to its negative surface charge, it plays an essential role in many physiological processes, including the ability to form molecular complexes. In addition, glycosaminoglycans such as hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate are crucial components of synovial fluid involved in the boundary lubrication regime. This study presents the influence of Na+, Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions...

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  • Negative result about the construction of genuinely entangled subspaces from unextendible product bases

    Unextendible product bases (UPBs) provide a versatile tool with various applications across different areas of quantum information theory. Their comprehensive characterization is thus of great importance and has been a subject of vital interest for over two decades now. An open question asks about the existence of UPBs, which are genuinely unextendible, i.e., they are not extendible even with biproduct vectors. In other words,...

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