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  • Microalgal strains from the Culture Collection of Baltic Algae (CCBA)
    Dane Badawcze
    open access

    The dataset contains information on the cyanobacterial and microalgal strains maintained at the Culture Collection of Baltic Algae (CCBA) at the Institute of Oceanography UG. The collection maintains cyanobacterial and algal strains isolated from the Baltic Sea and additionally several strains collected from a wide range of habitats. The culture collection...

  • Biomass of macrophytobentos in the Puck Bay in 2010-2018
    Dane Badawcze
    open access

    The database contains data on qualitative composition and biomass of macrophytobenthos (flower plants and macroalgae) in samples collected in the Puck Bay area (Gulf of Gdańsk, southern Baltic Sea) at 20 stations between 2010-2018. The database contains information on sampling sites (region, geographical coordinates, depth), sample characteristics (date,...