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  • Pantographic metamaterials: an example of mathematically driven design and of its technological challenges

    • F. dell'Isola
    • P. Seppecher
    • J. Alibert
    • T. Lekszycki
    • G. Roman
    • M. Pawlikowski
    • D. Steigmann
    • I. Giorgio
    • U. Andreaus
    • E. Turco
    • M. Gołaszewski
    • N. Rizzi
    • C. Boutin
    • V. Eremeev
    • A. Misra
    • L. Placidi
    • E. Barchiesi
    • L. Greco
    • M. Cuomo
    • A. Antonio
    • A. Della Corte
    • A. Battista
    • D. Scerrato
    • I. Eremeeva
    • Y. Rahali
    • J. Ganghoffer
    • W. Müller
    • G. Ganzosch
    • M. Spagnuolo
    • A. Pfaff
    • K. Barcz
    • K. Hoschke
    • J. Neggers
    • F. Hild


    In this paper, we account for the research efforts that have been started, for some among us, already since 2003, and aimed to the design of a class of exotic architectured, optimized (meta) materials. At the first stage of these efforts, as it often happens, the research was based on the results of mathematical investigations. The problem to be solved was stated as follows: determine the material (micro)structure governed by those...

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  • Linear Pantographic Sheets: Existence and Uniqueness of Weak Solutions


    we address the well-posedness of the planar linearized equilibrium problem for homogenized pantographic lattices. To do so: (i) we introduce a class of subsets of anisotropic Sobolev’s space as the most suitable energy space E relative to assigned boundary conditions; (ii) we prove that the considered strain energy density is coercive and positive definite in E ; (iii) we prove that the set of placements for which the strain...

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  • Nonlinear finite element modeling of vibration control of plane rod-type structural members with integrated piezoelectric patches

    This paper addresses modeling and finite element analysis of the transient large-amplitude vibration response of thin rod-type structures (e.g., plane curved beams, arches, ring shells) and its control by integrated piezoelectric layers. A geometrically nonlinear finite beam element for the analysis of piezolaminated structures is developed that is based on the Bernoulli hypothesis and the assumptions of small strains and finite...

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Uzyskane stopnie/tytuły naukowe

  • 2004-12-10

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr hab. Matematyka (Dziedzina nauk matematycznych)
    Higher Attestation Commission of Russia
  • 1990-12-19

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr Mechanika (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)
    Rostov State University

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