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  • On mixing in the class of quadratic stochastic operators

    We study different types of limit behavior of quadratic stochastic operators acting on ℓ^1 (or ℓ^1_d) spaces in both strong and uniform topologies. The main motif of the paper is to express the uniform and strong asymptotic stability of the quadratic stochastic operator in terms of convergence of the associated (linear) nonhomogeneous Markov chain. We also examine which type of uniform convergence of iterates of the quadratic...

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  • Quadratic stochastic operators on Banach lattices

    We study the convergence of iterates of quadratic stochastic operators that are mean monotonic. They are defined on the convex set of probability measures concentrated on a weakly compact order interval S = [0, f] of a fixed Banach lattice F. We study their regularity and identify the limits of trajectories either as the “infimum” or “supremum” of the support of initial distributions.

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  • A Noether theorem for stochastic operators on Schatten classes

    We prove that a stochastic (Markov) operator S acting on a Schatten class C_1 satisfies the Noether condition S'(A) = A and S'(A^2) = A^2, where A is a Hermitian bounded linear operator on a complex Hilbert space H, if and only if, S(E(G)XE(G)) = E(G)S(X)E(G) holds true for every Borel subset G of the real line R, where E(G) denotes the orthogonal projection coming from the spectral resolution of A. Similar results are obtained...

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