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  1. 2018

  2. A case study of odour nuisance evaluation in the context of integrated urban planning

    Odour nuisance poses a serious problem in many urban areas, yet its evaluation and mitigation is often omitted in the urban planning process. By identifying its range and spatio-temporal variations, it could be taken into consideration by planners in urban development strategies and land use decisions. The aim of the study was to present the application of odour evaluation techniques in the improvement of the quality of life in...
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  3. A fast time-frequency multi-window analysis using a tuning directional kernel

    K. Czarnecki, D. Fourer, F. Auger, M. Rojewski - SIGNAL PROCESSING - 2018
    In this paper, a novel approach for time-frequency analysis and detection, based on the chirplet transform and dedicated to non-stationary as well as multi-component signals, is presented. Its main purpose is the estimation of spectral energy, instantaneous frequency (IF), spectral delay (SD), and chirp rate (CR) with a high time-frequency resolution (separation ability) achieved by adaptive fitting of the transform kernel. We...
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  4. A higher order transversely deformable shell-type spectral finite element for dynamic analysis of isotropic structures

    This paper deals with certain aspects related to the dynamic behaviour of isotropic shell-like structures analysed by the use of a higher order transversely deformable shell-type spectral finite element newly formulated and the approach known as the Time-domain Spectral Finite Element Method (TD-SFEM). Although recently this spectral approach is reported in the literature as a very powerful numerical tool used to solve various...
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  5. A method for testing the wide-sense stationary uncorrelated scattering assumption fulfillment for an underwater acoustic channel

    Wide-sense stationary and uncorrelated scattering (WSSUS) assumptions are often applied for the statistical description of wireless communication channels. However, in the case of underwater acoustic channels the WSSUS model is of limited value. The degree of similarity of in-phase and quadrature components of the channel impulse response, measured with the use of bandpass modulated signals, can be used as an indicator of WSSUS...
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  6. A new tool for the evaluation of the analytical procedure: Green Analytical Procedure Index

    A new means for assessing analytical protocols relating to green analytical chemistry attributes has been developed. The new tool, called GAPI (Green Analytical Procedure Index), evaluates the green character of an entire analytical methodology, from sample collection to final determination, and was created using such tools as the National Environmental Methods Index (NEMI) or Analytical Eco-Scale to provide not only general but...
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  7. A Stabilized Complex LOBPCG Eigensolver for the Analysis of Moderately Lossy EM Structures

    This letter proposes a stabilized locally optimal block preconditioned conjugate gradient method for computing selected eigenvalues for complex symmetric generalized non-Hermitian eigenproblems. Effectiveness of the presented approach is demonstrated for a moderately lossy dual-mode dielectric resonator, modeled using finite-element method with higher order elements
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  8. A Study on Audio Signal Processed by "Instant Mastering"

    M. Piotrowska, S. Piotrowski, B. Kostek - 2018
    An increasing amount of music produced in home- and project-studios results in development and growth of "automatic mastering services". The presented investigation explores changes introduced to audio signal by various online mastering platforms. A music set consisting of 10 songs produced in small facilities was processed by eight on-line automatic mastering services. Additionally, some laboratory-constructed signals were tested....
  9. A study on transverse shear ocrrection for laminated sandwich panels

    I. Kreja, A. Sabik - 2018
    The paper presents a study on an application of the First Order Shear Deformation Theory in a linear static analysis of elastic sandwich panels. A special attention has been given to the issue of the transverse shear correction. Two benchmark examples of sandwich plate problems with known reference solutions have been selected for a comparative analysis performed with own Finite Element codes. Interesting results allowed for drawing...
  10. A Survey Investigating the Influence of Business Analysis Techniques on Software Quality Characteristics

    Business analysis is recognized as one of the most important areas determining the outcome (success or failure) of a software project. In this paper we explore this subject further by investigating the potential impact of techniques applied in business analysis on essential software quality characteristics. We conducted a literature search for software quality models, analyzed the existing models and selected a subset of commonly...
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  11. A three-dimensional meso-scale approach to concrete fracture based on combined DEM with x-ray micro-CT images

    Artykuł omawia wyniki numeryczne uzyskane stosując 3-wymiarowy mezoskopowy model do opisu pękania w betonie na poziomie kruszywa w belce z nacięciem podczas zginania. Do obliczeń użyto metodę elementów dyskretnych. Beton został opisany jako materiał 4-fazowy złożony z kruszywa, zaprawy, makro-porów i stref przejściowych miedzy kruszywem a zaprawą. Kształt i położenia kruszywa przyjęto na podstawie skanów z mikro-tomografu. Uzyskano...
  12. A three-dimensional meso-scale approach with cohesive elements to concrete fracture based on X-ray CT images.

    Artykuł omawia wyniki numeryczne dotyczące pękania betonu uzyskane stosując trójwymiarowy model mezoskopowy z elementami kohezyjnymi. Obliczenia trójwymiarowe zostały wykonane dla zginanej belki betonowej. Beton został opisany jako model 3-fazowy. Mikrostruktura betonu odpowiadała zdjęciom tomograficznym. Wyniki numeryczne zostały porównane z wynikami doświadczalnymi. Uzyskano b. dobra zgodność między wynikami numerycznymi i doświadczalnymi.
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  13. A universal NDT method for examination of low energy impact damage in CFRP with the use of TLC film

    The article presents an attempt to use a sheet of laminated thermochromic liquid crystal film (TLC film) for non-destructive testing of the impact damage (energy values: 1J, 2J, 3J and 4J) in carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP). This is a new, alternative NDT approach based on the thermo-optical effect. The main advantages of this method are a) the low cost of TLC film, b) the low cost of recording devices due to the usage of...
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  14. An Experimental Investigation of Pressure Wave Celerity During the Transient Slurry Flow

    A. Kodura, M. Kubrak, P. Stefanek, K. Weinerowska-Bords - GeoPlanet: Earth and Planetary Sciences - 2018
    Transportation of slurries in pressure pipelines is an example of a complex flow due to specific parameters of transported medium. For practitioners, the economy of designing and maintenance is usually the most important factor. For this reason, most of hydrotransport installations are fairly simple; however, they become more vulnerable to negative effects of the transient flow which can occur in pressure pipelines. As the consequence,...
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  15. Analiza czasochłonności docierania technologicznego powierzchni płaskich w operacjach montażowych.

    Przedstawiono wyniki analiz docierania i mikroszlifowania elementów płaskich na docierarce jednotarczowej mikroziarnami węglika krzemu. Obrabiano elementy ze stali 100Cr oraz z tlenkowej ceramiki technicznej Al2O3. Analizowano czas obróbki i koszty operacji.
  16. Analysis of efficiency of phosphates sorption by different granulation of selected reactive material

    In the light of the need to find an effective way to remove phosphorus from wastewater, studies on the suitability of sorption materials in this process should be conducted. The aim of the study was to examine the potential benefits of using selected adsorbents to reduce orthophosphates from the model solution under steady conditions. The study was conducted on a laboratory scale using synthetic wastewater with concentration of...
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  17. Analysis of the cyclic load-unload-reload tests of VALMEX aged fabric

    K. Żerdzicki, P. Kłosowski, K. Woźnica - 2018
    The paper presents mechanical response of the VALMEX fabric during the cyclic loading-unloading and re-loading experiments. Two types of the aged material used for nearly 20 years as the roofing of the Forest Opera in Sopot (Poland) have been tested. The results have been separately obtained for the warp and fill di-rections. The comparative analysis has revealed that the material aged in service is more durable in the fill di-rection,...
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  18. Antifungal dipeptides incorporating an inhibitor of homoserine dehydrogenase

    The antifungal activity of 5‐hydroxy‐4‐oxo‐L‐norvaline (HONV), exhibited under conditions mimicking human serum, may be improved upon incorporation of this amino acid into a dipeptide structure. Several HONV‐containing dipeptides inhibited growth of human pathogenic yeasts of the Candida genus in the RPMI‐1640 medium, with minimal inhibitory concentration values in the 32 to 64 μg mL−1 range. This activity was not affected by multidrug...
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  19. Applicability of Emotion Recognition and Induction Methods to Study the Behavior of Programmers

    Recent studies in the field of software engineering have shown that positive emotions can increase and negative emotions decrease the productivity of programmers. In the field of affective computing, many methods and tools to recognize the emotions of computer users were proposed. However, it has not been verified yet which of them can be used to monitor the emotional states of software developers. The paper describes a study carried...
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  20. Application and mechanical properties of aluminium alloys

    The paper presents a short survey of the application and mechanical properties of aluminium alloys. This area of scientific research is still developing, the authors restricted it to about 30 papers. Numerical simulations of the aluminium bracket are also investigated. The authors propose a solution to increase the load capacity of aluminium brackets with application of the additional cover plates. This study is proposed as an...
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  21. Application of gas chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry for the determination of amphetamine-type stimulants in blood and urine

    Amphetamine, methamphetamine, phentermine, 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA), 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), and 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-ethylamphetamine (MDEA) are the most popular amphetamine-type stimulants. The use of these substances is a serious societal problem worldwide. In this study, a method based on gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) with simple and rapid liquid-liquid extraction (LLE)...
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  22. Application of guided waves in the evaluation of steel-concrete adhesive connection

    M. Rucka, B. Zima - 2018
    The aim of the paper is the application of guided waves in the evaluation of a condition state of adhesive connection between steel and concrete. The study concerns a push-out specimen consisting of two steel plates glued to opposite faces of a concrete cube with the use of structural adhesive. Wave propagation in the specimen without external load is investigated both experimentally and numerically. The second stage of the investigation...
  23. Application of lightweight cement composite with foamed glass aggregate in shell structures

    The purpose of the paper is to investigate the abilities of applying Granulated Expanded Glass Aggregate (GEGA) as a natural volume substitute of aggregate as a component of lightweight concrete. The GEGA aggregates used in the experiments were made of confused glass waste. In order to achieve satisfactory strength of concrete Granulated Ash Aggregate (GAA) was added as well. To produce specimens three grain sizes of aggregates...
  24. Application of molecularly imprinted polymers in analytical chiral separations and analysis

    Over the last two decades the process of development and application of a new types of molecular imprinted polymer (MIP) sorbents in the field of analytical chemistry have been widely described in the literature. One of the new trends in analytical chemistry practice is the use of new types of MIP sorbents as specific sorption materials constituting the stationary phase in advanced separation techniques. The following review paper...
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  25. Approximate Quality Criteria for Difficult Multi-Objective Optimization Problems

    This paper introduces approximate analytic quality criteria useful in assessing the efficiency of evolutionary multi-objective optimization (EMO) procedures. We present a summary of extensive research into computing. In the performed comparative study we take into account the various approaches of the state-of-the-art, in order to objectively assess the EMO performance in highly dimensional spaces; where some executive criteria,...
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  26. As- built inventory of the office building with the use of terrestrial laser scanning

    Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) is an efficient tool for building inventories. Based on the red- laser beam technology it is possible to provide the high accuracy data with complete spatial information about a scanned object. In this article, authors present the solution of use a TLS in as-built inventory of the office building. Based on the provided data, it is possible to evaluate the correctness of built details of a building...
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  27. Assessing ecotoxicity and the endocrine potential of selected phthalates, BADGE and BFDGE derivatives in relation to environmentally detectable levels

    There is no doubt that the subject area of plasticmaterials (e.g., production of epoxy resins or polyesters) is inherently connected to issues concerning bisphenol A (BPA) and its analogues. Unfortunately, much less attention has been given to other compounds, which are also used for the production of these materials. Bisphenol A diglycidyl ether (BADGE) is a synthetic industrial compound obtained by a condensation reaction between...
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  28. Atmospheric opacity estimation based on IWV derived from GNSS observations for VLBI applications

    G. Nykiel, P. Wolak, M. Figurski - GPS SOLUTIONS - 2018
    Thermal emission of atmospheric water vapor has a great influence on the calibration of radio astronomical observations at millimeter wavelengths. The phenomenon of an atmospheric water vapor emits noise signal and attenuates astronomical emission. At 22 GHz, integrated water vapor (IWV) obtained from global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) is strictly related to atmospheric opacity (τ0), which is a crucial parameter for data...
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    A research study presents investigations of the influence of the room acoustics on the frequency characteristic of the audio signal playback. First, a concept of a novel spectral equalization method of the room acoustic conditions is introduced. On the basis of the room spectral response, a system for room acoustics compensation based on an equalizer designed is proposed. The system settings depend on music genre recognized automatically....
  30. Automatic Detection and Monitoring of Cyanobacterial Blooms in the Context of the Marine Cadastre

    A. Dawidowicz, M. Kulawiak, K. Bruniecki, M. Ogryzek - 2018
    In the wake of the European and global spatial data infrastructures (SDI) it is important to build information systems which use and serve thematic data in compliance with the INSPIRE Directive. In the context of hydrographic data, the Directive requires EU member states to collect and share information on maritime areas divided into regions and sub-regions, as well as coastal zone management areas. These data are part of recently...
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  31. Awarie mostu Cłowego w Szczecinie

    W artykule przedstawiono historię budowy i eksploatacji mostu Cłowego w Szczecinie. W ciągu 56 lat eksploatacji obiektu wykonano wiele ekspertyz, napraw i remontów. Ostatecznie most został zamknięty z powodu awarii stalowych kabli sprężenia zewnętrznego. Przedstawiono główne przyczyny degradacji obiektu i awarii. Opisano również obliczenia statyczne i wytrzymałościowe wykonane do koncepcji rozbiórki przęseł mostu.
  32. Azo group(s) in selected macrocyclic compounds

    Azobenzene derivatives due to their photo- and electroactive properties are an important group of compounds finding applications in diverse fields. Due to the possibility of controlling the trans–cis isomerization, azo-bearing structures are ideal building blocks for development of e.g. nanomaterials, smart polymers, molecular containers, photoswitches, and sensors. Important role play also macrocyclic compounds well known for...
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  33. 2017

  34. A body position influence on ECG derived respiration

    An influence of a human body position on ECG derived respiration (EDR) signal is presented in the paper. Examinations were performed during deep, suspended and normal breathing for eight people in four different body positions. EDR and thoracic impedance signals were compared using correlation and standard deviation coefficients. Obtained results have shown that it is possible to monitor breath activity of people being in different...
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  35. A CMOS Pixel With Embedded ADC, Digital CDS and Gain Correction Capability for Massively Parallel Imaging Array

    In the paper, a CMOS pixel has been proposed for imaging arrays with massively parallel image acquisition and simultaneous compensation of dark signal nonuniformity (DSNU) as well as photoresponse nonuniformity (PRNU). In our solution the pixel contains all necessary functional blocks: a photosensor and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with built-in correlated double sampling (CDS) integrated together. It is implemented in...
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  36. A compact smart sensor based on a neural classifier for objects modeled by Beaunier's model

    A new solution of a smart microcontroller sensor based on a simple direct sensor-microcontroller interface for technical objects modeled by two-terminal networks and by the Beaunier’s model of anticorrosion coating is proposed. The tested object is stimulated by a square pulse and its time voltage response is sampled four times by the internal ADC of microcontroller. A neural classifier based on measurement data classifies the...
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  37. A comparative study of English viseme recognition methods and algorithms

    An elementary visual unit – the viseme is concerned in the paper in the context of preparing the feature vector as a main visual input component of Audio-Visual Speech Recognition systems. The aim of the presented research is a review of various approaches to the problem, the implementation of algorithms proposed in the literature and a comparative research on their effectiveness. In the course of the study an optimal feature vector construction...
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  38. A comparative study on selective properties of Kraft lignin–natural rubber composites containing different plasticizers

    Effect of plasticizer type on the kraft lignin–nat- ural rubber composite microstructure and selected proper- ties was determined. The composites were prepared with addition of a commonly used naphthenic oil plasticizer to study the decomposition product of polyurethane (glyc- erolysate) and its characteristics. Kraft lignin powder was incorporated into the natural rubber matrix in amounts of 10 and 40 parts per 100 parts of natural...
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  39. A Comparison of the Efficiency of Deammonification under Different Aeration Strategies in a Laboratory-Scale Sequencing Batch Reactor

    An important source of nitrogen load entering the biological part of wastewater treatment plants (WWPTs) is derived from the anaerobic sludge digestion processes. Sludge digestion liquors constitute only 1-2% of the inflow to the plant, but the load of nitrogen directed with them to the main stream may be as high as 10-20% of the total nitrogen load. Therefore, numerous studies have focused on treatment of sludge digestion liquors...
  40. A Concept of Freight Traffic Flow Regulations in the City of Gdansk

    D. Kaszubowski, F. Heleniak - 2017
    This paper presents a review of state-of-art efforts in urban freight transport modelling in the context of their requirements and applicability as a basis for evaluation of city's freight transport policy. Freight transport mirrors all aspects of the city's economic activity and for that reason its proper planning is of extreme importance. However, urban freight system may be considered as the most varied and fragmented element...
  41. A concept of heterogeneous numerical model of concrete for GPR simulations

    The Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) method, which is increasingly being used in the non-destructive diagnostics of reinforced concrete structures, often needs more accurate interpretation tools for analysis of experimental data. Recently, there has been growing interest in developing of various numerical models for exhaustive understanding of GPR data. This paper presents the concept of a heterogeneous numerical model of concrete,...
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  42. A derivatisation agent selection guide

    M. Tobiszewski, J. Namieśnik, F. Pena-Pereira - GREEN CHEMISTRY - 2017
    The development of new tools for providing high quality information in a cost-effective and expeditious way is one of the main aims of analytical chemistry. Remarkably, the introduc- tion of the 12 principles of green chemistry paved the way forward for the development of analytical methodologies that are, ideally, inherently safe for the operator and the environ- ment, with the least possible consumption of energy and chemicals,...
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    The paper describes a discrete-continuous method of dynamic system modelling. The presented approach is hybrid in its nature, as it combines the advantages of spatial discretization methods with those of continuous system modelling methods. In the proposed method, a three-dimensional system is discretised in two directions only, with the third direction remaining continuous. The thus obtained discrete-continuous model is described...
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  44. A distributed system for conducting chess games in parallel

    This paper proposes a distributed and scalable cloud based system designed to play chess games in parallel. Games can be played between chess engines alone or between clusters created by combined chess engines. The system has a built-in mechanism that compares engines, based on Elo ranking which finally presents the strength of each tested approach. If an approach needs more computational power, the design of the system allows...
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  45. A DSC and NMR-Relaxation study of the molecular mobility of water protons interacting with chemically modified starches

    A. Sergeev, N. Shilkina, L. Wasserman, S. Shilov, H. Staroszczyk - Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B - 2017
    Changes in the mobility of water protons in the chemically modified starches (CMS)–water system are studied by differential scanning calorimetry and NMR relaxation. The amounts of unfrozen water at negative temperatures and additional (after gelation) unfrozen for CMS are lower than those for native starch. The proton spin–spin relaxation time T2 for CMS samples, conventionally attributed to the water fraction in starch granules,...
  46. A fast procedure of stress state evaluation in magnetically anisotropic steels with the help of a probe with adjustable magnetizing field direction

    The paper presents a novel approach to the stress state evaluation issue. It deals with a strongly (magnetically) anisotropic materials for which a direct interpretation of the Barkhausen effect (BE) intensity would lead to erroneous results. In such a case one has to take into account both the measured BE intensity and the orientation of the magnetisation direction relative to the magnetic easy axis. For the in plane stress distribution...
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  47. A Framework of a Ship Domain-based Collision Alert System

    R. Szłapczyński, J. Szłapczyńska - 2017
    The paper presents a framework of a planned ship collision alert system. The envisaged system is compliant with IMO Resolution MSC.252 (83) “Adoption of the revised performance standards for Integrated Navigation Systems (INS)”. It is based on a ship domain-oriented approach to collision risk and introduces a policy of alerts on dangerous situations. The alerts will include cautions, warnings and alarms, which will be triggered...
  48. A heterogenous wireless system for maritime communication - the netBaltic system architecture

    M. Hoeft, K. Gierłowski, K. Bronk, A. Lipka, R. Niski, K. Zurek - 2017
    In the article, the concept of a heterogeneous wireless maritime mesh network offering transmission for e.g., e-navigation services is presented. The constrains of existing and competitive solutions are discussed showing the need for a new system. The authors present detailed information about a netBaltic node's architecture and networking mechanisms offering different transmission capabilities and proposed for use on different...
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  49. A Hopf type theorem for equivariant local maps

    We study otopy classes of equivariant local maps and prove a Hopf type theorem for such maps in the case of a real finite-dimensional orthogonal representation of a compact Lie group.
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  50. A method for preliminary estimation of the length of midship body block to be inserted during ship’s conversion

    The paper presents a method for preliminary estimation of the length of the midship body block, which inserted in the original hull, increases the deadweight of the ship in line with a required quantity. The method may be useful for establishing the scope of conversion to better adjust the ship for transportation tasks. The problem is formulated by using a mathematical model so selected that its solution, under set of assumptions,...
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  51. A method of determining and visualizing safe motion parameters of a ship navigating in restricted waters

    R. Szłapczyński, J. Szlapczynska - OCEAN ENGINEERING - 2017
    The paper presents a method of displaying ship collision avoidance information which is based on an unconventional Collision Threat Parameters Area (CTPA) technique. The solution presented here extends CTPA's functionality from past works by supporting navigation in restricted waters and handling ship domains analytically instead of numerically. It visualizes potential navigational threats as well as possible collision avoidance...
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  52. A method of measuring RLC components for microcontroller systems

    A new method of measuring RLC components for microcontroller systems dedicated to compact smart impedance sensors based on a direct sensor-microcontroller interface is presented. In the method this direct interface composed of a reference resistor connected in series with the tested sensor impedance is stimulated by a square wave generated by the microcontroller, and then its voltage response is sampled by an internal ADC of the...
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