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Hanow - Praecepta de arte disputandi - transcription and photographs


Praecepta de arte disputandi by Enlightenment Gdańsk scholar Michael Christoph Hanow (1695-1773) are a combination of rhetorical theory and practical tips on how to effectively conduct discussions.   

The Praecepta, together with two other works of Michael Christoph Hanow, are part of the manuscript book kept in the collection of the PAS the Gdańsk Library (reference number Ms. 512) [the Polish Academy of Sciences the Gdańsk Library]. The record was made by Konstantin Ernst Groddeck, who came from a wealthy merchant family settled in Gdańsk.

The text of the Praecepta was divided into small parts, marked with a paragraph symbol. In addition, Michael Ch. Hanow applied a four-part higher level division. The titles of individual subchapters:

  • General principles of conducting a discussion,
  • General rules for all participants to a discussion,
  • Detailed rules for the parties to a discussion,
  • Ways of replicating arguments that are difficult to refute.

The text presented is a transcription from the autograph manuscript of Konstantin Ernst Groddeck. This is the first version, which in several places skips hardly illegible words. Work is underway to supplement these gaps. The text of the precepts in its entirety will appear in the next, separate research data set. In the current version, the spelling has been modified, based on the Latin dictionaries used today. Changes in punctuation have also been applied, basically giving up the rhetorical punctuation. The differences between punctuation of the original and the transcription can be confronted by viewing the photographs of the manuscript pages contained in this data set.

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If you intend to use photographs from the data set, please indicate that the photographed objects belong to the collection of the Polish Academy of Sciences the Gdańsk Library.

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