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ORD metadata info

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The metadata supported by the repository are:

  • Name (unique, descriptive name of the dataset),
  • Description (the most crucial information about dataset content/origin),
  • Authors (Persons or organisations involved in the creation of the dataset),
  • Role (detailed description of the authors' role in the dataset creation),
  • Affiliation (optional) (information about author's affiliation, preferably with unique IDs),
  • Year of publication (Year when the dataset was or will be made publicly available),
  • Creation date (optional) (Information about the date of data creation),
  • Dataset language (Main data language),
  • Fields of science (Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education disciplines classification [defined list]),
  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier),
  • Funding (Information about financial funding),
  • Ethical papers (optional) (The number of an ethical approval issued by, e.g. a Bioethics Committee),
  • Keywords (Particular words or phrases describing the content of the dataset),
  • Versioning (Information about version number with a persistent link to the previous version),
  • Grouping (optional) (Grouping datasets in series for enhanced discoverability),
  • Publication (optional) (Links to publications connected with the dataset),
  • Software reference (Optional) (link to dedicated software connected with the dataset),
  • References (optional) (Links to relevant content that helps describe the dataset).