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Data Processing Centre - Task Manager (DPCTM) product

The objective of the proposal is to create a Data Processing Centre - Task manager (DPCTM) product, which is a common Ground Segment element in charge of the orchestration of data and processing pipelines for the operational processing of data for Earth Observation. It can be conceived as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) system, since it offers the means for a platform for multi-purposes processing needs.


Project's acronym:
Project's funding:
Europejska Agencja Kosmiczna
Realisation period:
2014-11-19 - 2016-02-13
Project manager:
dr hab. inż. Marek Moszyński
Realised in:
Department of Geoinformatics
External institutions
participating in project:
  • GMV (Poland)
Project's value:
194 262.00 EUR
Request type:
Międzynarodowy Program Badawczy
International project
Verified by:
Gdańsk University of Technology

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