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A graduate of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics at the Gdańsk University of Technology, PhD in technical sciences in the field of IT specializing in distributed data processing in IT . Aimed at exploiting the achievements and knowledge in the field of industrial research. He cooperated with a number of companies including OpeGieka Elbląg, Reson Inc., Powel Sp. z o. o., Wasat, Better Solutions, the European Space Agency and others. Head of R&D and procurred projects, contractor of technical expertise in the field of IT systems. In practice, the passionate of IT technology, creator and animator of actions aimed at the use of new solutions in business.

 In the role of head/manager:

  • Research and development project in the EU ARTEMIS JI program "ACCUS - Adaptive cooperative control in Urban (sub) Systems" - task manager, main contractor (2014).
    Development of an executive study "Spatial Information Infrastructure for Maritime Administration" commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (2014-2015) - project head 
  • Research and development project of the European Space Agency (ESA): "SmartHMA - a mobile platform for the implementation of diversified HMA services in various types in environments other than PCs as part of the RSS architecture" (2015-2016) - project manager.
  • Procurred project : "Tasks of these algorithms for vehicle routing for the needs of logistics in the dairy industry" - project head 2017
  • Procurred project "Development of INTERO - B2B IT system  environmental tax invoicing" (2018) - project head


In the role of contractor:

  • NCBSR R&D project "Multiple Criteria Routing Algorithms for Vehicle Fleet Management System", PBS3 / B3 / 37/2015, National Research and Development Center Research Program (PBS3 / B3 / 37/2015) - contractor, web services and test environment developer (Java and PHP)
  • Research and development project of the National Center for Research and Development, "Voice Maps" - GIS system supporting  navigation of the blind in the urban area ", project no .: ZPB / 37/679 01 / IT2 / 10
  • European Space Agency project: "HortiSat - Integrated satellite applications for high-quality horticultural production", 2011-2014 - contractor
  • European Space Agency project: "Development, testing, demonstration and dissemination of an innovative online geographic information system for risk monitoring, forecasting and risk analysis for the urban area - Safe City of GIS", 2011-2013 - contractor

Prizes and awards

  • Silver Medal at the TECHNICON Innowacje 2013 fair for the "Voice Maps" system - the contractor of the project.
  • Diploma of the Rector of the Gdańsk University of Technology for winning the Gold Medal at the 62nd Invention Fair, Technique BRUSSELS INNOVA 2013 by the "Voice Maps" system - the contractor of the project.

List of selected publications:

  • Bruniecki K., Chybicki A., Moszyński M., Bonecki M. .. Towards solving the problem of routing heterogeneous vehicles with time windows and additional restrictions: a case study of real use, In: Proceedings of 2016 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, in 2016
  • Kulawiak M., Chybicki A.: The use of Web-GIS and geovisual analysis to monitor the evolution of the seabed in the coastal areas of the Southern Baltic Sea // MAROD GEODESJA. -VOL. 41, is. 4 (2018), pp. 405-426
  • Bruniecki K., Chybicki A., Moszyński M., Bonecki M ..: Evaluation of algorithms for determining vehicle routes in transport logistics using a dedicated GIS system, in: 2016 Baltic Geodetic Congress (BGC Geomatics), 2016, IEEE Computer Society. Conference publishing services (CPS)
  • Moszyński M., Kulawiak M., Chybicki A., Bruniecki K., Bieliński T., Łubniewski Z., Stepnowski A.: Innovative online geographic information system for urban areas and coastal security zones, and monitoring threats using satellite data EO / / MARINE GEODESY. - Vol. 38, is. 3 (2015), pp.203-224

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