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Ceramic composites for single-layer fuel cells


Composite materials consisting of acceptor doped lanthanum orthoniobate electrolyte phase (La0.98Ca0.02NbO4) and Li2O:NiO:ZnO semiconducting phase were synthesized. The precursor powder of La0.98Ca0.02NbO4 was prepared in nanocrystalline (mechanosynthesis) and microcrystalline (solid-state synthesis) form. The composite can be applied in a single-layer fuel cell, because of the presence of two phases acting as an anode and a cathode simultaneously. X-ray diffraction data show that the materials consist of two expected phases. Scanning Electron Microscope images, with Energy Dispersive X-Ray analysis show that La0.98Ca0.02NbO4 as well as Li2O:NiO:ZnO are mixed together in the volume of the material. Open circuit voltage both for nano- and microcrystalline composite do not exceed 0.8 V. The single-layer fuel cell is degrading upon time and the voltage drop is observed. The processes of ZnO reduction and Zn diffusion and evaporation as responsible for cell degradation are discussed.


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ISSN: 1293-2558
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Winiarz P., Miruszewski T., Wachowski S., Dzierzgowski K., Szpunar I., Zagórski K., Mielewczyk-Gryń A., Gazda M.: Ceramic composites for single-layer fuel cells// SOLID STATE SCIENCES -, (2020), s.1-20
Digital Object Identifier (open in new tab) 10.1016/j.solidstatesciences.2020.106113
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