Preparation and investigation of carbon-based 3D porous structures (aerogels) structural properties and intermolecular interactions at solid/gas interface. - Project - MOST Wiedzy


Preparation and investigation of carbon-based 3D porous structures (aerogels) structural properties and intermolecular interactions at solid/gas interface.

Carbon is unique and arguably the most important chemical element. It can form multiple bonds between its atoms, what result in many forms of carbon (ball, tubes, sheets, diamonds, graphene, asphaltenes etc.). Unique structure and novel properties of carbon nanoparticles are attracting attention not only in terms of basic science, but also because of their potential applicability. For standalone applications a transition of nanoparticles to three dimensional macroscopic architectures is required. It can be achieved through aerogels - a class of light-weight, 3D structures with interconnected pore network, high surface area and pore volume. Aerogels are characterized by very high strength-to-weight and surface area-to-volume ratios. The interest in carbon-based aerogels is constantly increasing, especially in the fields of energy, catalysis and sustainability. However, most of publications is focused on applications and their ultimate goal is to prove the applicability of aerogels for certain technological solutions. As such, gathered information about nature of aerogels, their structure and properties are limited and incomplete. Thus, structural and surface properties of the 3D structures composed of carbon nanoparticles demands exploration and characterization. The proposed project will focus on physicochemical surface properties of carbon aerogels and surface energies investigation, through interactions with chemical molecules at gas/solid interface. Fundamental research conducted in the project will increase the scientific knowledge about the nature and properties of 3D macroscopic structures composed of carbon nanoparticles in relation to raw material and synthesis parameters. The project will raise an issues with transition of nanoparticle’s properties to macroscopic object. Last but not least, because surface phenomena plays an elementary role in many practical applications, the basic knowledge about the nature of physicochemical processes and intermolecular forces at the gas/solid interface of carbon-based aerogels phenomena obtained in this research project can be foundation and starting point for further scientific studies. This kind of basic research is essential step on the road to comprehensive knowledge about the nature of this type of materials.


Project's funding:
UMO-2019/35/N/ST8/04226 z dnia 2020-07-20
Realisation period:
2020-07-20 - 2023-07-19
Project manager:
Maksymilian Plata-Gryl
Realised in:
Department of Process Engineering and Chemical Technology
Request type:
National Research Programmes
Domestic project
Verified by:
Gdańsk University of Technology

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