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Creating mental health support for international students at Gdańsk University of Technology

The goal of the project is to create a comprehensive emotional support program for students and international employees of the university. The planned activities are a response to the intensification of the phenomena related to the deterioration of the mental health and general well-being of non-Polish students and staff during the pandemic, which resulted in a large number of crisis events - suicide attempts, physical and mental violence and other conflicts. The activities planned in the project are in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science formulated on the basis of the conclusions of the "Report on psychological assistance in universities" and the recommendations of the Patient Ombudsman formulated in the report "Mental health at Polish universities". As part of the project, the following activities are planned (depending on the type, the activities will be addressed only to foreigners or to all interested persons, regardless of nationality): a) creating a psychological support system (in the form of individual psychological counseling and open seminars on coping with crisis situations along with the accompanying educational campaign); b) creating a non-psychological support system (in the form of open mindfulness seminars and yoga/mindfulness classes); c) organization of mediation workshops, including mediation in an intercultural environment and peer mediation; d) workshops on cultural differences and culture shock; e) meetings under the “Café Lingua” initiative of the Language Centre and the Academic Sports Center and “Mental Health Week” of the Students’ Government; f) 2 study visits in mental health centres at european universities. The aim of the planned activities will be: to provide professional psychological support for English-speaking students and employees (individual psychological counseling); gaining knowledge and competences by students and employees in the field of coping with crisis situations, the background of which are intercultural differences (open seminars, mediation workshops, workshops on cultural differences); making people aware of the role of caring for mental health, and breaking the taboo related to psychological support functioning in many cultures (educational campaign; study visits); providing support in the field of caring for the well-being and integration of students and employees from different national groups (mindfulness seminars, yoga classes, “Café Lingua” meetings).


Financial Program Name:
Programy NAWA
Narodowa Agencja Wymiany Akademickiej
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unknown - unknown
Project manager:
mgr Anna Modrzejewska
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International Relations Office
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Domestic project
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Gdańsk University of Technology

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