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Curved Surface Minijet Impingement Phenomena Analysed with ζ-f Turbulence Model


The jet impingement phenomenon plays an important role among the heat transfer intensification methods. Very often its application and analyses refer to simple flat surfaces, while there is a lack of information in the literature for cases addressing curved surfaces. In the present work, the single jet impingement on the non-flat (concave and convex) surface is studied for a wide range of geometries, which originate from the mini-jet heat-exchanger design. The numerical simulations were performed by an advanced ζ-f turbulence model implemented in the open-source OpenFOAM (ESI-OpenCFD Ltd, Bracknell, United Kingdom) code. Noticeable differences in the phenomena occurring on the convex and concave surfaces were identified in the stagnation zone. Besides, the existence and location of the secondary peak in the Nusselt number distribution differed between the cases. These distributions were influenced by the shape of geometry, which determined flow characteristics and resulting heat transfer performance. The origins of these differences were looked at in the turbulence characteristics close to the impinged surface of the stagnations zone and its vicinity, where turbulence kinetic energy and enstrophy were analysed. It was stated that the differences are already noticeable for the single jet impingement case, but they might sum up when multiple jets are considered. Therefore, here presented results would be important for the analysis of the overall unit of mentioned mini-jets heat-exchanger.


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Published in:
ENERGIES no. 14,
ISSN: 1996-1073
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Kura T., Fornalik-Wajs E., Wajs J., Kenjeres S.: Curved Surface Minijet Impingement Phenomena Analysed with ζ-f Turbulence Model// ENERGIES -Vol. 14,iss. 7 (2021), s.1846-
Digital Object Identifier (open in new tab) 10.3390/en14071846
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Gdańsk University of Technology

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