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Anna Lisowska-Oleksiak, born in 1952,  has been working at GUT since 1977. Currently is employed at the Faculty of Chemistry as a full professor. She was employed as a research assistant at the University of St Andrews in the group of C. A. Vincent and P.G. Bruce  (1991-1994). She completed a two-month research internship in CEA Grenoble (2011). Anna Lisowska-Oleksiak obtained her MSc in chemistry at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń in 1975. She obtained a Doctorate in chemistry in 1982 (GUT), defending a thesis on TiCl4 electoreduction in aprotic solvents, supervised by Prof. Świetlana Białłozór.  She obtained habilitation (GUT 2003) devoted to the study of the phase boundary between the electrode and the polyethylene oxide containing lithium salts electrolyte. The professor title was awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland in 2011. Her scientific interests focus on phenomena at the interface between the conductive phases of electrodes and electrolytes. Innumerable natural processes take place at interfaces. Interfacial properties are also widely exploited in man-made devices especially electrochemical ones. Her research activities cover studies on electrochemical metal deposition from aprotic electrolytes, electrochemistry of conjugated polymers,  application of nanomaterials in energy storage and conversion devices such as lithium-ion batteries, electrochemical capacitors, and light-harvesting photoelectrodes. She authored and co-authored 100 JCR articles,  5 patents, realized numerous projects, supervised 6 doctorates: A.P. Nowak, Monika Wilamowska, Katarzyna Siuzdak, Konrad Trzcinski, Beata Wicikowska, Mariusz Szkoda (4 defended with honors). She was a tutor in 70 graduate and engineering diplomas. She authored beyond 35 PhD-thesis and habilitations’ reviews.


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